jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015


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  1. I guess the "view" from the US Congress hasn't changed since Puerto Rico became a colony. Don't misunderstand, Congressman Peters, what I refer to "view" is something that was before you and me but this is 2015 and enough is enough, Sir. I wish I could testify in front of the members of a committee that deny the basic right of Puerto Rico as American Citizens that is professed. How can your colleagues do this. Again the "view" hasn't changed. SHAME on them from turning away, SHAME that Puerto Rico has to live like this for the past 117 years and no matter what, the history and actions speak for themselves, SHAME that the blood of so many Puerto Ricans that served and died, and not only physically but mentally for a country that is almost 1600 miles away, for what? This Congress has disrespected their sacred sacrifice to the FLAG. We have Puerto Ricans that have done great things for the USA, we even have a Supreme Court Justice, we had A US Surgeon General, just to mention a few examples.... SHAME that presidential candidates got to the island to gain support of "American Citizens" that cannot vote for a US President and at the same time taking contributions with false promises. SHAME that as a Democracy we dare tell other countries how to care for their citizens mentioning Human Rights, while doing the opposite here. You are all a House of Hypocrites. AND SHAME that the Constitution protects my freedom to write my Congressman to remind the rest to remember their reason why they are a member of Congress but it will go on deaf ears.